Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Freshly Roasted Blue Mountain Coffee

Welcome to Thunder's Emperor Brand Blue Mountain Coffee!
A brief history;
A long long time ago the coffee Gods created a coffee farmer who had a son who also was a coffee farmer, this coffee farmer also had a son named David Smith aka "Thunder" who surprisingly enough turned into a coffee farmer .  As a third generation coffee farmer, he knows a little about growing coffee beans and roasting coffee beans. 
Thunder came out of the Blue Mountains to live part time in Negril Jamaica in 1990.  Currently, he goes back to the Blue Mountains to farm and to buy coffee beans from his fellow farmers.  Once he brings the beans back to Negril, he roasts them to fill both the local and international needs of coffee lovers.  While this might sound like a large business, you can often find Thunder roasting up just a few pounds of beans at a time over a wood fire in his yard in Negril. 
If you would like to watch Thunder roast up coffee beans or if you would like to buy some of his organic Blue Mountain Coffee beans, go to our Contact Us page.